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My Neighbor dogs have always hated me. Barking, growling, snarling. Its horrifying to see all three of them lines up against that low chain link fence, paws on the top of it, trying to leap over. Well needless to say i haven’t been attacked yet, but im sure it will come some day.

lets describe these dogs for you, so my story can make a little more sense.

The first is an old......

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A Christmas to Remember- Part II

I awoke today at 5a.m. as usual. I’ve been performing my daily routine so long that I naturally wake up at the same time every day without the use of an alarm. Nikki was sleeping peacefully as I crept out of the bedroom. The fireplace was alive with a warm glow, and the snow was falling steadily outside the window. Humpy raised his head and wagged his tail. I smiled back at him. As usual......

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Leticia Horse 08 -part02

horse sex thumb 1

horse sex thumb 2

horse sex thumb 4

horse sex thumb 4

See close up pictures of Leticia and her horse. Full penetration pics!.

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