My Sister and the Horses

I started my own business and my wife took a new job out of town. Maggie would
come home on Friday night and leave on Sunday night. This left us horny all

Maggie was staying with her sister Bonnie and renting a room from her. Bonnie
had been raising mini horses for many years. Since it was springtime on the farm
there was a lot of breading going on. The stud horse “Jake” was in heaven as he
got to fuck every day.

Maggie and I were fucking doggy style one Saturday afternoon when she blurts out
YES FUCK ME HARD JAKE. I say who the fuck is Jake? Mag said you know the horse
at Bonnie. I ask her if she wanted the horse to fuck her and she said no but it
turns me on to watch the horses breading. I then asked why she said fuck me hard
Jake. Maggie said well I was thinking that I was the mare that he was fucking.

The next Thursday Maggie called and said that she had fallen on the cement steps
and skinned her knees. When she got home I looked at her knees and it looked as
if the skinned spots were more like rug burns. I got Maggie out of her clothes
and was giving her a massage. I looked at her pussy lips and they were all
puffy, swelled up and bruised looking. Mag would not let me get near her pussy
all weekend. The thought of her fucking Jake the stud horse flooded my mind.

I was to go see Maggie the next weekend and help her with a project. I was to
meet her on Saturday morning. I finished my contract on Wednesday so I thought
I’d surprise Maggie and go see her early. I got to Bennie’s around 8:30 pm. I
knocked on the door and got no answer. Maggie and Bennie’s cars were in the

I walked out back to the barn area and noticed that all the horses were in the

I stepped up to the door and listened. I could hear Bonnie and Maggie talking.
Bonnie said this is how I let Jake fuck me so my knees don’t get sore. I found a
peek hole that I could look into and there was Bonnie on her back on a bale of
hay with Jakes hard cock filling her cunt. Bonnie had her fingers in Maggie’s
cunt and was thumbing her clit. Maggie said “I had that horse when I was young
and I’d get so wet every time he dropped his cock, I wanted to have him fuck my
but he was to big.” ”Jake fucked me three times last week and my pussy is so
happy but my knees are so sore.” Bonnie started to rub her clit and came just as
Jake filled her cunt with cum. They had a mare that was in heat next to Jakes
pen, she pissed and Jake was ready to fuck again. Maggie got on her back and lay
on the hay bales with her legs hanging over the edge. Jake put his feet up on
the hay along side Maggie and Bonnie guided his cock into Maggie. My cock was so
hard and ready to explode as I rubbed it.

I wanted to go into the barn and join the party but I thought I’d play some
games with Maggie. I wondered if she would confess to fucking the horse, and
what about Bonnie finger fucking her. Jake fucked Maggie to two orgasms then he
filled her cunt with his horse cum.

Jake got down and stood by the mare as she teased him. Bonnie squatted over
Maggie and lowered her pussy onto her face. Maggie licked her pussy as Bonnie
licked the cum out of Maggie’s pussy. Bonnie tried to fist fuck Maggie but she
was to sore for that. Maggie said she could fist her latter. Bonnie said she
wanted to be fisted so Maggie slipped her hand in her cunt. As she sucked her
clit, That was more than I could take. I shot the second load of cum on the barn

I left for about an hour then returned. The girls were surprised when I pulled
up into the yard. We made small talk and I ask them to show me around the place.
They said they would the next day. I badgered them enough that they gave in. We
went into the barn and looked at the horses and Jake got excited and dropped his
cock. I told Maggie look he wants to fuck you. She said well he does that when
any body comes in the barn. I said well how many times have you came in the
barn. I walked over to the stall that THEY HAD SET UP TO FUCK JAKE. I asked what
the hay was for and why was there blankets on it like that. They said it was to
let it dry. I then ask why were there hoof prints like that on it. They both
started to stutter.

I walked over to the mare in heat and she was winking her pussy and pissing. She
wanted some horse cock. Mag and Bonnie said look she wants fucked. My cock was
hard and Maggie grabbed it. She asked me if seeing her pussy winking turned me
on. I said the proof if in your hand. Maggie dropped to her knees and took my
cock out and started to suck it. I protested the best I could and said but, but,
but what about Bonnie. Mag said I know you would love to have both of us suck
you off. With that Bonnie took the lead and moved Mag out of the way and took
my cock in her mouth. Maggie took off her clothes and lay on the hay.

Jake was going nuts and pawing the floor. Bonnie led me over to Maggie and I
saw that her cunt was so swollen and puffy. Bonnie dropped to her knees and
sucked Maggie’s pussy. She had her ass up in the air as I looked at her big fat
puffy cunt. Maggie said go ahead and fuck her. Fuck her hard like Jake does. I
played dumb and said you mean Jake will fuck a women. Maggie said yes but you
fuck her first and fill her with your cum. I slipped my cock into her big pussy
and fucked her as she ate Maggie. I spit on her ass hole and gave her a thumb
job. Bonnie loved her ass played with and told me to put my cock in her ass. It
did not take long until I filled her ass with my cum.

Maggie got up and brought Jake into the breeding pen. Bonnie was on her back and
waiting for her horse cock. Maggie said this is why the hoof prints are on the
blanket like that. Bonnie took a-hold of Jakes cock and started it in to her
pussy. I watched like I had never seen the show before. I was behind Maggie and
had my cock in the crack of her ass as I played with her tits. Maggie was
dripping wet. I whispered in her ear if she wanted to try him. She said maybe. I
asked if that was why her pussy was so swollen and she moaned. I asked if Jakes
cock fit into her and again I got no answer just a moan.

I bent my knees and brought the tip of my cock to her ass hole and she said no.
I said you always say no that it will not fit. I said does the horse cock fit in
your cunt and she said I don’t know. I pushed the head of my cock in her ass.
Maggie whimpered, as her ass was very tight. I asked if it took a while to get
used to Jakes cock and she gave me the I’m not going to answer that moan. I
pushed into her ass farther, with more whimpering. Bonnie was going wild and
getting slammed by Jake. I ask Mag if Jake fucked her hard like that. The same
moan came. I pushed my cock all the way in her ass. I could feel her heart beat
her ass was so tight. I did not have to move in her as her ass milked the cum
from my cock.

I told her that I wanted to watch her fuck Jake again. Maggie said what did you
say? I gave her a moan for an answer. I told her that I had come to visit a
while before I came to visit. Maggie and Bonnie both said so you saw everything
and came back latter on. Maggie started to cry and sob that she was sorry for
not telling the truth. I just said Just Fuck Jake. Maggie was on her back and
had Jake in her so fast. She fucked like a wild slut.

Jake humped up and started to fill my lovers cunt with his cum.

That little mare had her tail up and was flashing her red-lipped pussy at me and
her lube was oozing out of her. Maggie went over to the pen and opened the
gate. The mare had the right height pussy for my cock. Bonnie lifted her tail
and Maggie put my cock in the opening. The mare squatted and her pussy looked
like it was going to eat my cock.

I pushed in and buried my cock in her horse cunt. I could not believe how tight
and hot a horse cunt could be. Then again if my woman could fit Jakes cock in
her, the mini horse would have a small cunt for a horse.

I fucked that mare for all I was worth. Maggie was on her knees and Bonnie was
standing in front of her. Maggie had her fist in Bonnie cunt. I always had a
thing for wanting to fist a woman. I filled the mare’s cunt with cum and pulled
out of her. Her pussy was still winking so I lubed up my hand and shoved it in
the mare’s cunt. I have very large fore arms so I only could get in her half way
to my elbow.

Maggie puts her hand into Bonnie cunt then makes a fist. Her fist is bigger than
the opening, so she can’t pull it out. Maggie loves to rape Bonnie that way. But
that is another story.

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